Two UK Start-ups as Semi-finalists for Tools of Change, NYC

Posted by Justine Solomons on January 10, 2013, in News

Congratulations to BookMachine and Valobox for getting in to the semi-final of TOC NYC Startup showcase. If they win this round, they will have the opportunity to present their technology to leaders in the publishing and technology industries at Tools of Change, NYC. Please click on the following link before the closing date on Friday 11th January 2013 to help them both through to the next round.

BookMachine recognised that with changes in publishing models, publishers need an easy way to find people with specific skill sets. is a simple and visual way to do this. Whereas Linkedin in designed to connect you to those you know, helps you to discover the skills you need from people you don’t know.

Laura Austin, co-founder says: ‘We recognised that as technology progresses it’s increasingly important to find niche skills for projects. The idea behind the site is to help those with those skills and experience in the industry to be found by those who are. Tools of Change is recognised as the place where publishing professionals go to create the Future of Publishing. We are delighted to be semi-finalists and to be given the opportunity to represent British start-ups in the international market place’

Valobox have worked hard to rethink the way people purchase and consume books, creating a consumer-friendly pay-as-you-go service. Over the past year they’ve been busy bringing together content from the best publishers from around the world and creating a slick service that lets you get hold of that content as quickly as possible.

Anna Lewis, co-founder says: "It's always good to see UK publishing startups cutting it alongside their US counterparts. Broader recognition of UK innovation is great for the startup ecosystem over here, and the publishing industry too. We'd be very happy to compete against the likes of in the final!"

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