• ‘If it hadn’t been for the welcoming arms of Byte The Book, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do what I’ve done in publishing. I can’t thank them enough for being so inclusive and supportive.’

    Peter Fullagar, Writer and Editor

  • “Agent Tables was a great success. It was good to meet so many writers and discuss our different journeys. The atmosphere was great and it was such a good opportunity to meet a couple of agents face to face”.

    Anne Marshall, Author

  • ‘Thank you so much to Byte The Book and everyone else involved. I know how much hard work goes into organising such events and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as well as meeting some wonderful people’

    Kate Oliver, SYDEKIX

  • I came away with a real buzz, and excited about the two agents who requested my manuscript; it wouldn’t have happened without ByteTheBook, so thank you.

    Issy Mahmoud, Author

  • “Wherever you are in the writing process, Byte the Book will know who to connect you with to get you to the next stage.”

    Ben Steele, Author & PR Consultant

  • “Byte the book’s events, and especially Justine herself, have been invaluable for keeping me informed about the industry and for meeting new clients and colleagues.”

    Janey Burton, Publishing Consultant

  • “All of publishing life is here”

    Chris Chalmers, Author

  • “Byte has been an incredible resource for me, and introduced me to Blue Mark Books who published my debut novel”

    Lucy Brydon, Writer, Filmmaker

  • “Aspiring writers share limitless enthusiasm, seasoned industry professionals offer sage advice – it’s a great combination.”

    Jon Appleton, Author & Publishing Consultant

  • “We think it is a really useful organisation for small independent presses” Georgie Aldridge, Clays

    Georgie Aldridge, Clays

  • “A great opportunity to learn new aspects of the publishing journey”

    Samara Timon, Author

  • “Some of the most important discussion in the industry happens at Byte”

    Chris Russell, Author

  • “I have obtained some fantastic contacts both from intros via Justine and at the events.”

    Ryan Morison, Digital Publishing Entrepreneur

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