Our Team

Justine Solomons

Justine is recognised as an expert on publishing in the digital age and in 2012 she founded Byte The Book. She’s a popular and engaging speaker at conferences around the world and is particularly interested in publishing today and also business networking. Justine also consults to various technology companies operating in the media sector on business development, content acquisition and strategic partnerships, and has built up an enormous network of authors, publishers, technologists and investors working in this space.

Prior to Byte The Book, Justine worked for nine years at Softwire,a bespoke software development house, and ran their business development team, her clients included The BBC, Penguin Random House, Cambridge University Press, Lonely Planet, Microsoft and The Telegraph Media Group. Justine is also a published author of short stories. She's written a list of every book she's read since 1995 and keeps it updated on our site here. You can contact Justine via justine@bytethebook.com

Hermione Ireland

Hermione is an experienced marketer, communications director and e-commerce practitioner, with over 20 years spent in publishing, much of it as the Marketing & PR Director at DK where she was responsible for all areas of comms and brand development, and running the website. She’s globally focused and has worked with publishers and other companies around the world. She worked closely with world-class brands like Lego, Eon, Lucasfilm and the Royal Horticultural Society, as well as authors including Mary Berry, Miriam Stoppard, Penelope Leach, Robert Winston, Richard Hammond and Venus and Serena Williams, to name a few. She has won awards for digital and viral campaigns including the DK Quiz (2011 Lovie) and The Future of Publishing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Weq_sHxghc

She is now a consultant offering commercial marketing, ecommerce, strategy and business development skills with clients including Tatty Devine, Movellas and Tourism New Zealand. She is also a trustee of literacy charity Worldreader. She’s passionate about how digital can open up reading and knowledge to new audiences, new formats and new experiences, as well as exploring all of the business models that are now available. She’s also driven by consumer engagement with brands. She loves working with teams and harnessing their energy and enthusiasm.   Hermione attended Stanford’s GSB Summer Executive Program in 2013 where she studied with senior executives from a wide range of industries and from many other countries. She can be contacted via hermione@bytethebook.com.

Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone

Rebekah runs membership of Byte The Book and is also a prize-winning writer, editor and creative writing teacher. Her novel Home, about a corrupt care home, was published by Red Button Publishing and Glitches, her short story chapbook, is published by Acorn Books.

Rebekah has worked as a creative writing lecturer in several settings for nearly ten years, devising and delivering workshops for City University, City Short Courses, Bishopsgate Institute, Emmanuel College Cambridge, Pembroke College Cambridge, the Guardian and the Graham Greene Festival. Passionate about literature, Rebekah’s second novel is currently being considered by agents and she writes a blog reviewing a different novel every week. You can find out more about Rebekah and her work on lattin-rawstrone.com. She can be contacted at rebekah@bytethebook.com.

Caroline Goldsmith

Caroline Goldsmith is our go to person for author and publishing services. She has worked in publishing for almost eighteen years. Her in-house career has taken her from small, independent publishers to one of the big five. Her official roles have taken her through sales, marketing, publicity and rights and contracts but experience within small organisations also meant that she worked closely with editorial and production, gaining a fully rounded view of the publishing process.

However, it was following a lifelong dream in 2012 that lead to the biggest learning curve in her career so far. Having relocated from London to Suffolk, Caroline embarked on a freelance career and, inspired by the radical changes in digital publishing and printing technology, Caroline founded Red Button Publishing with an old publishing colleague. Together they sought out exceptional fiction that had been overlooked by the mainstream and published independently. Red Button Publishing was a labour of love and run entirely by Caroline and her founding partner and as such, Caroline found herself facing of the practical challenges faced by writers who choose the self-publishing route. Teaching herself ePub production, mastering cover design, typesetting and navigating the print-on-demand platforms, all on a shoestring budget, lead to the most fufilling years of Caroline’s career to date. Alas, everyday life and pressures lead to Red Button Publishing reluctantly ceasing to publish in 2016. Caroline and her partner gifted the publishing files to the Red Button authors and so all titles still remain available today to readers.

Caroline now focuses on bringing the knowledge she has gained, both during her years within trade publishing and her indie publishing days, to offer services to writers. She has given structural feedback, edited scripts, formatted ebooks, typeset POD paperbacks and helped writers approach agents or decide on which publishing platforms are best for their work. She has designed book covers, book merchandise, logos and bespoke marketing material. She has even written a couple of books for publishers herself, experiencing life on the other side of the editorial process!

Caroline has a comprehensive knowledge of the practicalities of the publishing industry and a keen interest in the developments of the last few years which have seen writers take a much more central role to the process.

She can be contacted via caroline@bytethebook.com

Krissy Mihaylova

Krissy is our social media assistant and is also currently in her third year of studying English Literature at King’s College London and hopes to pursue a career in publishing. She has a particular interest in digital and social media marketing. She is a YA book blogger and bookstagrammer.  She can be contacted via:email: krissy@bytethebook.com on Instagram @thepinkbibliophile via twitter @Kriistinaa_M and her website thepinkbibliophile.com.