Reminder of BIC’s 15% Discount to Byte the Book Subscribers

Posted by Justine Solomons on April 7, 2013, in News

BIC, one of our valued sponsors, would like to remind Byte the Book subscribers of their 15% discount code valid  (subject to availability) for all their courses/events scheduled up until the end of May 2013. The discount code is BTBIC12

Each training & event session has a 2 tiered price i) BIC members and ii) non-members. These tiers remain in place and the discount would apply to each tier.

Here are their upcoming events which you can also find in our calendar

Bibliographic metadata and ONIX: practical guidance and best practice
Wednesday 26 June, The British Library Conference Centre
The next scheduled BIC training course is a re-run of the popular Bibliographic metadata and ONIX: practical guidance and best practice, and is being held Wednesday 26 June 2013. This course is aimed at staff with management responsibility for metadata, either in IT, marketing or production within a publisher, or in similar roles in distribution and retailing.  If you would like to find out more please visit the booking page.

Contract to Customer – End to End Considerations for your Digital Products
Thursday 27 June (half day course), London College of Communication
This course is aimed at individuals working in editorial, marketing, and other front end departments, looking to gain an understanding of the digital supply chain, with a focus on practical and business considerations such as, what do customers want and how do they go about getting it? Please book via Eventbrite.

Digital Profit and Loss – What is your strategy costing you?
Friday 28 June (half day course), London College of Communication
Looking more at working costs than revenues, this course would suit those working in any department of a publishing house, at any level, concerned with how their practical decisions and actions are affecting their purses. Please book via Eventbrite.

Creating Strong Technical Specifications for Building Digital Products
Thursday 4 July (half day course), London College of Communication
This course is aimed at anyone who needs to brief software developers on building digital products. At the end of this half day course you will take away a checklist of what you need to do to build a strong specification for your digital product. Please book via Eventbrite.

Introducing Apps for Publishing
Thursday 11 July, London College of Communication
Should I embark on app publishing?- How should I work with developers? - What are my pricing options? - How can I make money out of this app? - Should I do an enhanced eBook, iBook or app?
If you’re asking any of the following questions then this course could be right for you. This course gives an introduction to apps, and shows what a basic app can do. It will help publishers, large and small, understand what they are dealing with, dispel myths of complexity, and highlight key considerations to take into account when briefing a developer. To book please visit Eventbrite.

Metadata for Beginners
Wednesday 17 July (half day course), The British Library Conference
Metadata for Beginners is aimed at anyone in the publishing industry who is involved with bibliographic data in the supply chain. It is also aimed at individuals who require a better understanding of bibliographic data and the role it plays in the commercial success of a book. The course aims to de-mystify the subject of metadata, a subject often regarded as technical and complicated. Please book via Eventbrite.

Negotiating with Suppliers
Wednesday 17 July (half day course), The British Library Conference
This course is aimed at those within the book industry who negotiate with other people: whether they are other members of your organisation or external suppliers, creative contributors and packagers, print suppliers or publishers and retailers. Please book via Eventbrite.

BIC New Trends Seminar
Monday 29 July, The Stationers' & Newspaper Makers' Company
Registration is now open for BIC’s annual New Trends Seminar. This year it’s being held at The Stationers' & Newspaper Makers' Company, London, near St Paul’s Cathedral. As the forward facing supply chain event of the calendar year the New Trends Seminar brings together speakers from all corners of the industry. Speakers confirmed so far include Richard Mollet, Chief Executive, The Publishers Association; Jane Tappuni, EVP, Business Development, Publishing Technology; Richard Wallis, Technology Evangelist, OCLC. Places can be booked here.

A full list of all BIC events and training can be found here.

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