Member News: June 2021

Posted by Stella Calvert-Smith on 9 June 2021, in Member news, News

Each month we gather news from our members to share with the network! This is what's happening this month...


Founder member Eric Huang has a new podcast and it's ace! Saint Podcast is about the always fascinating and often controversial lives of the saints. The debut series is all about martyrs, saints who died because of their beliefs. Tune in to hear about a queen who bested the Roman Emperor, a saint swallowed alive by a dragon, twin doctor brothers, a gay icon – and many more.
Click here to access the podcast!


Byte the Book member, author, and writer-producer Jeff Norton has been busy putting some fantastic TV projects together in the past year. The first of several to get announced is a crime serial based on the best-selling books by Caroline Mitchell. It’s a collaboration with Zoe Rocha’s RubyRock Pictures and the great team at Rainmaker Content and Tricycle Media. It’s the first project from his new company Dominion of Drama, which is an IP company focused on bringing books to screen. Amy Winter is a compelling, complex protagonist and the script is fantastic (from SILENT WITNESS writer Susan Everett). Watch this space! Jeff also has a new children’s book coming out on 1st July, DINO KNIGHTS, from Scallywag Press.


Check out the truly excellent Bestseller Experiment Podcast with Mark Stay and Mark Desvaux.

Join the two Marks in their weekly podcast as they talk with leading lights from the publishing industry, million-selling, chart-topping authors who collectively have sold over half a billion books! Binge over 250 hours of interviews from authors,  including Michael Connelly, Joanne Harris, Bryan Cranston, & Ian Rankin, plus agents, editors, lawyers, social media experts, and even our very own Justine Solomons - founder of Byte the Book. The latest episode is with Nadine Matheson, author of one of the major debut's of this year - The Jigsaw Man. Not to be missed.


Byte the Book's Justine Solomons is interviewing writer Salena Godden, and cold water swimmer Caroline Saxton at the Also Festival. If you want to go to the festival we have a discount code for tickets. Just click here and enter code: IAMANIMAL


Byte member and Sales, Marketing, and Publicity Manager at Jacaranda Books, Jazzmine Breary has written a beautiful blog post reflecting on pregnancy, parenthood and publishing, and on recent developments around pregnancy loss. You can read it here on the Jacaranda Books webiste.

Photo credit: Eye of JA


“Not as complicated as John Le Carré, lovely sweet stories” John Sessions. Following the success of the English and Gaelic Captain Bobo radio series based on The Adventures of Captain Bobo picture books, Belle Media (founded by Byte the Book member Kay Hutchison) have just started to bring out these nautical adventures in Gaelic too. The first book in the Sgeulachdan a’ Chaiptein Bobo series is Bananathan! (Bananas! 🍌) and it has just been released. Not only fun, but it’s also a story of teamwork, lost elephants, and helpful pet mice, set against Scotland’s magnificent West Coast. It’s available from bookshops across Scotland and from The translation was by Uist-born actor, singer, and teacher, Gillebride Mac‘IleMhaoil, (who also plays Gwyllyn the bard in Outlander). Gillebride also narrated the Gaelic version of the radio series.


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