Directory: Kay Hutchison – Publisher at Belle Media | Author 37 Therapies

Kay Hutchison – Publisher at Belle Media | Author 37 Therapies


I'm a content creator and TV/Radio producer with lots of experience (info) and recently authored my own book My Life in 37 Therapies. My day job is helping run small indie publisher Belle Media alongside fellow BTB member Richard Dikstra.  We publish two children's book series Tigeropolis and Captain Bobo. Audiobooks are an increasingly important part of the business and we also produce spin-off video games, comic strips and activity books, greetings cards and furry animals.

We have a podcast series in which special guests reveal the fascinating stories behind their books - Belle Books & Stories

Podcast guests include Bruce Daisley, author of The Joy of Work and Sue Flood, Blue Planet Wildlife Photographer and author of Emperor : The Perfect Penguin.  Find out more at or feel free to contact me on or via Twitter or LinkedIn.

I have an author website designed by the wonderful Bookswarm that follows the progress of my first book and audiobook of My Life in 37 Therapies.  

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