Byte Connects – Lucy Ridout (Editor) and Simon Appleby/The Bookswarm Team (Web Development)

Posted by Justine Solomons on 21 January 2021, in Byte Connects, News

We're heard about some wonderful collaborations via the Byte The Book.editor Lucy Ridout talking about her work with Simon Appleby and his development team at Bookswarm If you're found some great collaborators through Byte The Book and are keen to share your stories in this series please send us an email to

Over to Lucy!

What did you ask Bookswarm to do?
I wanted Bookswarm to build me a new website for my editorial business. I’d been working with another agency, but that wasn’t going so well. I was on the lookout for a website builder who understood the publishing world, would be receptive to my ideas but would also contribute plenty of their own, and who wouldn’t balk (too much) at the pedantic quibblings of a book editor concerned with the placing of every last comma. I was thrilled and relieved when I came across Simon and Bookswarm: ‘the only digital agency in the UK dedicated to delivering website projects for book-related businesses’.

What did you work on together?

Simon and his Bookswarm team took the content I’d worked on and fashioned it into a much bolder, brighter, more modern and more user-friendly website that better reflects the fiction- and travel-editing services I offer:

What was Bookswarm like to work with?

Extremely responsive, creative and patient. There was never a sense that I was asking too many questions or coming up with unworkable suggestions. A can-do attitude prevailed. I really cannot recommend Bookswarm highly enough.


More on Bookswarm

Bookswarm is the only digital agency in the UK dedicated to delivering projects for publishers, authors and other clients in the world of books. Members of Byte The Book can get £100 off the list price for author websites on Bookswarm. Just tell them you’re a member of Byte The Book. Get in touch with their MD Simon Appleby for more details, at

More on Lucy Ridout

Lucy is a freelance editor of fiction and travel with 30 years' experience. She is an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). She edits commercial and literary fiction as well as travel titles for self-publishing authors and for trade publishers including Atlantic, Corvus, Faber and Head of Zeus. She is also the author of several guidebooks for Rough Guides, about Thailand, Indonesia and Southeast Asia. For more about Lucy's editorial services please see

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