Thank you and a free e-book from our February Sponsors ePub Direct

Posted by Justine Solomons on 13 February 2014, in News

ePubDirect sponsored our event on Pricing and sent us the following note to pass on to attendees of February's Byte the Book event:

Just a quick note from us to say thank you for coming to the Byte the Book event, it was the first we'd sponsored and we were impressed by the format and contribution that everyone made. As mentioned on the night we hope to meet some of you again at the LBF on stand Y605.

Like many digital companies, we're continually trying to help publishers sell more books and to that end we've produced an eBook on "How to Triple your eBook Sales" based on our experiences of a publisher using our service.

ePubDirect worked with the publisher on a backlist title resulting in a 300% increase in sales. Everything we did to bring about the increase in sales was done through metadata only. There was no money spent, no social media magic, no giveaways, no wooing of online or print media, just time effort and some creativity.

You can download a free copy of the eBook here. (

We look forward to meeting everyone at the next Byte the Book event.

Roger Miah
Sales Director | ePubDirect
Tel:  +44 (0)870 8200049 |

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