Test the App that Helped Author Wyl Menmuir Get Longlisted for the ManBooker

Posted by Justine Solomons on 14 November 2017, in News

Prolifiko is a new digital coach for writing and the founders are inviting BtB subscribers to be first in line to take the product for a test drive and get early free access.

Find out more and join the waiting list here.

Both Byte the Book members, founders Bec Evans and Chris Smith have been building Prolifko for the past three years and have designed it to help writers find the time to write, overcome their writing blocks and barriers and keep super-productive.

An early version of the product was used by author Wyl Menmur to write his debut novel The Many – which then went on to be longlisted for the ManBooker prize 2016.

Menmuir credits Prolifiko for keeping him on track with his writing and providing him with the motivation and structure he needed to keep going to the end.

Read how The Guardian used Wyl’s tracking data to create a visual representation of the novel writing process.

With careers spent in publishing, UX, writing support and marketing the founders have designed Prolifiko around behaviour change science and psychology. The product uses persuasive design and data-driven crowd learning to keep people moving forward with their projects. It also learns about your writing process and with the help of the crowd, helps you optimize it in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.

Byte the Book subscribers can sign up to the Prolfiko waiting list through this link and Prolfiko will get in touch as soon as they are ready to send you a free copy of the coach.

Also, if you share news about Prolfiko through a special share link you receive when you sign up, you can win some great writing prizes – like professional 121 writing coaching, a manuscript read or a whole new writing productivity bookshelf!

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