Roald Dahl’s My Golden Ticket – The Latest Personalised Wonderbly Invention with The Roald Dahl Literary Estate

Posted by rebekah on 27 September 2017, in News

Byte the Book members, Wonderbly, previously known as Lost My Name, have created a tantalising, personalised adventure for children in Roald Dahl's My Golden Ticket, produced with The Roald Dahl Literary Estate. Keep reading for news of a Byte the Book 15% discount.

Children love personalised books. Seeing their name in print, as part of the story, is definitely an incentive to get them reading and when you combine that with a trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory it is no surprise that Roald Dahl's My Golden Ticket is a winner. My 7-year-old's description of the book was simply, 'Awesome.'

Not only does every reader get a personalised message from the person giving them the book, they also get to have a personalised adventure with the Fizzical Effects Machine in the Invention Room, discover the fruit origins of their surname in the Toffee Apple Orchard and ultimately create their own Wonka Bar whose ingredients are beautifully sung out to them by a group of happy Oompa-Loompas.

There are disclaimer forms, records and accident reports to sign, maps, labels and leaflets as well as lots of creative visual word placements to make the book filled with plenty of gems little people will want to keep on returning to. And, if you want, you can order your book to come smelling of candy.

Roald Dahl's My Golden Ticket was a huge success in my family. It makes a great and reasonably priced gift at £19.99 for the softcover edition and £27.99 for the hardcover edition. However, for Byte the Book subscribers, Wonderbly are offering us a special 15% discount on all of their products. Simply add the code bytethebook at the checkout. Happy reading!

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