Members Help Each Other at LBF 2022

Posted by Monica Cardenas on 22 April 2022, in Byte Connects, News

We founded the Byte the Book club on the premise of helping members and attendees of their events make valuable connections in the publishing world. At this year's London Book Fair, we set up a reciprocity circle for our attendees to give and get help from others. A fantastic opportunity to network as well as take the next step in publishing, more than sixty people joined the event and shared their expertise.  

The event began with all participants invited to write down something they need help with, and to stick it to the wall. Then, everyone read over those needs and added their name if they could be of service. Participants wanted: to meet more people in publishing, to meet more booksellers, a translator for Ukranian (to help a family taking in a refugee), an editor, a mentor to set deadlines, an Italian publisher, and help getting reviews for a new book. It was a great event with lots of important and helpful connections made across the industry and beyond.

Byte the Book is where the publishing industry meets. We are about making creative connections and helping our members navigate the contemporary publishing world. We are generous, imaginative, welcoming, iconoclastic and quirky. Set up 2012, we have 450 members and around 5000 subscribers. We run events across the world live and online. You can see a list of our upcoming events here. Membership is £220 a year or £20 a month, You can join us here.

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