Member News – September 2021

Posted by Justine Solomons on 20 September 2021, in Member news, News

Each month we gather news from our members to share with the network! This is what's happening this month...

Congratulations to Brad Borkan who has just published his new book, Audacious Goals, Remarkable Results: How an Explorer, an Engineer and a Statesman shaped our Modern World (Learn the Secrets of Achievement: Lessons from History.

The book profiles 6 examples of the mighty human spirit, such as the building of the Panama Canal, the Great Western Railway and the quest for the South Pole….

… showing all of us how  people like the explorer Roald Amundsen, the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and the cowboy-turned-statesman Theodore Roosevelt created lasting achievements over 100 years ago that even today influence our lives.  And they did this when others were saying, “It can’t be done!”

 Sir Ranulph Fiennes endorsed it, describing it as, “Gripping, exhilarating and inspiring.”

Here’s a 2 minute video about it: Audacious Goals, Remarkable Results - the video

You can buy it from Amazon via

Congratulations to Clare Ward-Smith whose novel, Labour Law, has made the Comedy Women in Print Prize's Unpublished Novel Longlist, Read more about it on their site here.


One of our members, Kim Rix would like to offer a mini location photo shoot (in central London) for £200 instead of £300 (for Byte members). This will give people three main images - a headshot for business, a casual or more dressed up headshot, and an action photo. They will receive those 3 photos in colour and black and white, as well as low res and high res. That’s 12 images in total. If you're interested get in touch with her via her website

Congratulations to Mark Piesing, whose book N-4 Down has just been published by Custom House (and imprint at Harper Collins). His book tells the riveting true story of the largest polar rescue mission in history: the desperate race to find the survivors of the glamorous Arctic airship Italia, which crashed near the North Pole in 1928.

N-4 Down is a gripping, detailed tale of exploration, betrayal and rescue. Mark Piesing has crafted a fascinating recounting of a liminal time when flying and polar expeditions were equally risky, so of course people tried to combine them. Think The Terror, but with airships.” -- Charles Arthur, author of Social Warming and Digital Wars, former technology editor at The Guardian.

You can buy it from Amazon here.

The Book Edit has launched a brand new Writers' Prize. Aimed at talented writers who might not otherwise have access to the industry, the prize is open to all unpublished, UK-based novelists from backgrounds and communities under-represented in British publishing. Completely free to enter, deadline 22 October 2021. Full details here.

Sarah Tinsley has been running her Wednesday Scribbles for a year in October, so they're having a special one on the 13th October. Only £9 for a 90min workshop, and people are encouraged to bring along food and drink. The link to book tickets is here.

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