Member News – March 2022

Posted by Monica Cardenas on 24 March 2022, in Member news, News

Each month we gather news from our members to share with the network! This is what's happening this month...


Laurence Kershook's novel, The Broyguswas published last week. Set in Hackney in 1976, Esther is old and terminally ill, and a young man Sam is her only friend. Over them both looms the spectre of the long-dead Isaac the Balaboss, self-made lord of the 1900s Whitechapel ghetto whose prepared to use any means to achieve wealth, power and status in his adopted country. Buy it here.





Jane Austin's second novel, Renegade, follows Justin, a popular Leeds professor who seeks redemption in the ashes of youthful idealism. Holding together his family is already a struggle as his son, Sanjay, is drawn into radical politics by his lover Farida, who joins a Kurdish Women’s militia to fight ISIS. With nerves already frayed, Justin’s wife, Harpreet, is devastated when revelations of his past as an urban bomber come to light, turning his life upside down. Can love and loyalty prevent this family from imploding? You can order it here, from Cinnamon Press.



More publication news: Bruno Noble's novel, The Colletta Casettes, is out in April from Indie Novella. It's the summer of  '78 and 16 year-old Sebastian arrives with his parents and brother in the medieval Italian village of Colletta for a holiday. His father, an investigative journalist, has taken the family there with no explanation and is then only flittingly glimpsed in the company of a strange American. Pre-order it here. The novel will be reviewed next month in our newsletter.




Ninette Hartley's poignant memoir Dear Tosh was shortlisted in the Selfie's Book Awards. Expert judging panels are now reading the shortlisted titles and assessing the publishing expertise of the authors to select their best indie-published books of 2021. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 5th at 4.30 pm in Author HQ at the London Book Fair, Olympia. Congratulations to Ninette!


On March 31, join Stuart Gibbon, former detective, killer catcher and advisor to best selling crime authors, as he launches Catching a Killer. This new book from Stuart and Stephen Wade is part of their highly regarded series of Criminal Investigation and Police Procedure publications.Stuart and Stephen have been helping authors all over the world with current and historical police procedure and criminal investigation techniques. Stuart will discuss the book and answer questions about the common mistakes authors make when writing about finding killers. Register here.

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