Jacaranda Books and Words of Colour Launch 20 in 2020

Posted by Justine Solomons on 12 February 2018, in News

Following on from our event on inclusivity in publishing last month, we thought you might be interested to hear about a new publishing partnership from Words Of Colour and Byte the Book member Valarie Brandes  of Jacaranda Books:

Jacaranda Books, in partnership with Words of Colour Productions, is extremely proud to announce a new initiative to publish 20 Black British writers in the year 2020. Works will include adult fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

Having been, in recent years, a leader in the development and exposure of new voices from around the globe, with an excellent list of award-winning books and authors the

result, Jacaranda have a proven track record of developing and publishing diverse writing. The diversity-led publisher now looks to focus the vision on the development and exposure of Black British talent.

This news follows Jacaranda founder Valerie Brandes making the Powerlist 2018 for her contribution to diverse and inclusive publishing. Brandes said regarding the initiative:

We have been very fortunate to publish outstanding writers both abroad and here at home. To have Black British writers such as Stephen Thompson and Irenosen Okojie on our list, each at very different stages in their careers, enabled us to contribute directly to what we see as a growing pool of excellence in Black British writing. Driving this ambitious publishing initiative is our unwavering belief there are so many more talents to uncover, and our continued determination to provide a platform for such voices.

Founded by Joy Francis, Words of Colour Productions is a creative communications agency that promotes, facilitates and develops writers of colour - of all genres, collaborates with arts and creative industries to increase cultural inclusion, and creates multi-platform and multi-media projects to reshape the single narrative misrepresenting culturally diverse communities.

The open submissions period will run from February 28th 2018 through August 31st 2018. Submission guidelines and further information to follow shortly.

All queries should be directed office@jacarandabooksartmusic.co.uk with subject 2020.


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