Invisibles – Ed Siegle

Posted by Justine Solomons on 13 March 2012, in Recommendations

Invisibles - Ed Siegle

Joel is born is Brazil to an English mother, Jackie, and Brazilian father, Gilberto. Gilberto gets caught up with another woman and ends up in jail. From there Gilberto's life continues to go down hill and soon after his release is arrested again. Jackie takes 10 year-old Joel back to England and soon after they learn that Gilberto is dead. 25 years later Joel thinks he sees his father  in the crowd on a television report and goes back to Brazil to investigate.

I have a hell of a lot of respect for people that can write novels. I've tried to do it and found it very hard, so I am impressed with any book that is good enough to keep me reading taking on average 6 or 7 or so hours of my life and I did want to read this book to the end.  I did want to know whether Joel would find his father and how it would affect his and Jackie's life.

However I found it tough going, his father is an unlikable character and I also found Jackie a bit manipulative. The man that helps Joel find his father is also dislikable, although Joel seems touched by him, perhaps he finds a replacement father figure in him  I'm not sure I truly believed their friendship. Plus there were so many different characters in the book I found it difficult to keep track of them all. That said Brazil sounded amazing through this account, it is a gripping story and the structure going between past and present through lots of different people's lives was good but  I just didn't love any of the characters which made it difficult for me to fully enjoy this book.

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