Introducing Salomé, a Literary Magazine for Emerging Female Writers

Posted by rebekah on 27 April 2017, in News

New Byte The Book Member Jacquelyn Guderley couldn't wait to tell us about her latest venture, Salomé.

Salomé is a literary magazine for emerging female writers. Salomé gives anyone who identifies as a female writer the platform, confidence and experience to get their work published, in a world where approximately 75% of all published literature is written by men. That's irrespective of the fact that, for example, 80% of employees at Pan MacMillan are female.

How we're different
We are different from the other magazines out there. We exist primarily to publish the work of emerging female writers; that is, any woman who is new to the world of publishing, probably never having had a piece published before. Our core mission is two-fold: to publish women's work and to support a community of female writers. We do this in a number of ways, including: giving all the writers who submit writing comprehensive feedback - currently a page of feedback from our reading panel; writing a blog; and, running Salomé's Salon, Q&A Masterclasses by female published writers on how to get published as well as anything our audience are interested in.
Oh, and I should mention: we pay our writers and artists but don't charge for submissions. I haven't come across another magazine for women doing the same.

How it's going
We know we make a difference. I launched our business just 9 weeks ago. 11 weeks ago was when the idea first came to me. 10 weeks ago was when I assembled the twelve woman strong steering committee, all of whom are writers in their own right (many belong to the Write Like A Grrrl community, which was part of the inspiration for the magazine - it gave me the confidence so I thought I'd pass it on). 9 weeks ago we opened submissions. 2 weeks ago we launched with Salomé Digital, Salomé print and a launch party of 70 men and women interested in the world of female literature.
The feedback has been incredible. Tweets, emails, women telling me that we've increased their confidence already, some women are getting published for the first time ever.

Over to you
Submissions for our next issue, due out in July are open now and close on June 9th. Entries can be fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction or poetry. More details on our submission criteria can be found here. To submit your work, you can do so through our website.
Additionally, we are looking for:

  • Artists - we feature beautiful, female-created artwork with our beautiful writing
  • Designers - to contribute to design work
  • Published female authors to lead our Salomé's Salon - for you if you want to sell some of your books and help women trying to get published

Lastly, we can pay our writers because we sell our magazine.

You can buy Salomé Digital for £3.50 for an issue; £13 for a Year's Subscription; or a limited first edition of Salomé Print for £13.50 (inc. P&P), signed by the founder (me!).

Share the news! We're shaking up the world of publishing for women.

For more information have a look at Jacquelyn's Hub entry or visit the Salomé website.

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