How To Get the Most Out of the Byte Network

Posted by Stella Calvert-Smith on 28 February 2021, in News

Byte the Book was set up primarily as a way for writers and publishing industry professionals to connect with each other, and there are many ways to use access to our network to promote your services or engage the services of others. Below is a comprehensive list of ways our members can do this.

  1. 1. Make sure you have your profile up on the site, by adding yourself to our Directory

If you are a Byte the Book member, you can add your directory entry by clicking here.

Alternatively, contact us at with a brief description of what you do and an image and we can add you.

2. Use the Directory to find professionals who can help you with your project

Think of our Directory as the Yellow Pages for publishing! You can search by name, or by profession and find people with the skills that you need.

3. Use the Noticeboard  feature on our website

You can post here if:

        1. - You want help on a project
        2. - You want to offer your skills or services
        3. - You have a publishing-related question that you want to ask the network
        4. - Your book is coming out and you're looking for reviewers
        5. - You have an event you want to promote
        6. - You have anything else you want to promote
        7. ...etc etc, you get the idea!
    1. 4. Use the Byte the Book Facebook page

First of all 'like' our Facebook page, and then send us a message and we will invite you to join the Byte the Book Members group. Much like our Noticeboard, you can post to this page if you want to reach out to other members.

You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter  and request to join our group on LinkedIn

5. Social Media

Tag us in anything you would like us to promote for you on any of the above social media platforms.

6. Write articles for the site, such as ExpertsShort Stories, or Connects

There are many ways to contribute to our website.

You can write articles for our Byte Experts - highlighting a particular part of the publishing industry that you specialise in.

Write a short story for our Byte Shorts.

We now have Byte Connects on the website, where we highlight successful collaborations between Byte members, so send any of you collaboration stories to us.

7. Contribute to our monthly newsletter

Each month we email a newsletter to all our subscribers which has a large reach. You can feature in our newsletter, either by sending us your news (eg if you have a book coming out), or submitting a book review (cannot be your own book).

8. Ask for introductions

Don't be shy. If there is someone in the network that you would like to collaborate or get advice from, just ask us for an introduction.

9. Last but not least - come to our events! 

Both online and in the flesh - our events are a great way to network with the Byte community, as well as learn more about the publishing world. We also run a monthly event for Byte members on how to use the network, in which you have the opportunity to chat to other members and talk about projects you are working on.

Also, if you are keen to run your own online event let us know!

To submit website articles, members news, book reviews, or short stories, suggest online events, or any other suggestions on how we can make the Byte the Book network more effective, just email us at:

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