Fold – Tom Campbell

Posted by Justine Solomons on November 3, 2011, in Recommendations

Fold - Tom Campbell

I've been reluctant to review this book. I went to one of Tom's readings in Kentish Town and met some of his friends, some of which I'd met before. We had a great evening. He told me that it had taken him just four months to write this book, it's taken me over 7 years and I've still not completed mine, so for that alone you have to got to admire him.

The central conceit is there is a group of five men playing poker once a month for a year, with a monthly meeting at one of their houses in Reading.  There are some great ideas in the book, and interesting thoughts around for a mid-life crisis search for happiness. I did finish the book, and it wasn't an unenjoyable read, but the characters weren't that well differentiated and I wasn't sure who anyone was apart from Doug the main character in the book from whose viewpoint a lot of the story is told and Vijay who is the least complex but is the only one with a non-western name.

I'd like to read Tom's books in the future. I think he's an interesting fluent writer, but I didn't love Fold, which is a shame because Tom really was a lovely chap.

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