Author Mindset Surgery with Kelly Weekes – November

November 1, 2022

Are you feeling a bit stuck?

Are your confidence levels dwindling?

Does your inner critic keep telling you you can’t do this? That you’re not cut out to be a writer?

Do you find yourself out of motivation for your writing, or endlessly procrastinating and avoiding it?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do and not sure where to start?

We can all have moments where we get stuck for a whole variety of reasons. The trick is to equip ourselves with the tools and support to move forward and get unstuck.

This is where our mindset surgeries come in. Kelly Weekes, an accredited confidence and mindset coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management, will host our new bi-monthly mindset clinics where you will be able to have a free 20 minute micro-coaching session with her on the challenge you’re facing at the moment. You will be able to start to work through the issue with Kelly and leave with some actionable tips to help you move forward.

Not only is Kelly an accredited coach, she also has a huge amount of publishing experience having worked in the marketing departments of Hodder&Stoughton and HarperCollins as well as having mentored authors and publishers with their social media and marketing for the last six years. She understands the challenges of our industry and is supportive and kind so you will be in very safe hands.

If you wish to come along please book yourself a time slot via this spreadsheet. Then email Kelly at with a few sentences about the challenges you'd like to discuss. She'll send you a Zoom link for your meeting.


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