Directory: Anne Marshall

Anne Marshall


My career has always been in publishing. I have written a few non-fiction titles but most of my creative energy has been expended on other people’s books. I have commissioned, read, assessed, edited, designed, project managed and published numerous titles on a wide range of subjects for many different publishers – mostly non-fiction. Somewhere in amongst this I wrote my first novel, Breathing in Shallow Water. Ten years ago I set up a publishing company based in the UK for a large American entertainment corporation. We produced an annual, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and an extensive list of titles for both the children’s and adults’ markets, in addition to creating advertising and marketing material, building apps and managing bookfairs. After a decade I gave up my role as Publisher to concentrate on my own writing. I have now finished and edited my second novel, Watch Me See Me.  Alongside this I have done some editing and mentorship work. My third novel is now underway – lighthouses, painting microscopic dots of blood on globes, something seen and never forgotten – I’m loving it.