Completely Novel – Print and/or e-Book? Advice and a Special Offer

Posted by Justine Solomons on October 10, 2013, in News

What's the relationship between print and e-books? Completely Novel give us some advice and there's a special offer too for Byte the Book subscribers.

Byte the Book member and Co-Founder of Completely Novel, Anna Lewis tells us:

We’ve been offering self-publishing services for over five years now, focusing on print-on-demand, and it’s been really interesting to watch the change in attitudes to eBook publishing. Many more writers are coming to us who have already created an eBook and subsequently decided to publish in print, too. Whereas traditional publishers will tend to release the paperback and eBook together, there’s definitely an e-first trend emerging in self-publishing.

However, our authors say that at offline events, paperbacks continue to work much better for them. For CompletelyNovel fiction authors, having physical copies to give away or sell at a book launch is the biggest incentive for getting books printed, and brings the most benefits. This is closely followed by the ability to capitalise on the gift market. So if you do have an eBook and want to give it a fresh push, it’s worth considering launching a physical copy.

In the case of business books, a book can do a lovely job of keeping a relationship going with clients. One of our authors told us that “at my talks and workshops, people still love having a personally signed copy of my books.” The nice thing about selling direct is that you can also bundle your products together to give your readers the best of both worlds.

We’re offering Byte the Book subscribers a free month’s subscription to our Publishing Plus plan. This enables writers to publish up to two titles in paperback and make them available through retailers, so you can see for yourself what a print book can do for your campaign. Sign up to the Plus Plan here: and use the following voucher code : BYTETHEBOOK2013 (voucher valid until 30 November.)

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