Byte Shorts: 2019 Competition Winner

Posted by rebekah on 3 October 2019, in News, Writers

Congratulations to Tracey Sinclair for winning the Byte Shorts 2019 Competition with her story 'War of Words' (click on the link to read her winning story). She received a £50 Amazon token as her prize. We were delighted to announce her win at our event on the 23rd September 2019, not only the birthday of our founder Justine Solomons, but also, amazingly, Tracey Sinclair. What a day and a great month for Tracey whose novels, Doll and No Love Is This have just been republished on Kindle. Congratulations again, Tracey.

The competition was a celebration of our first year of running Byte Shorts in which we asked members to send in submissions for the monthly competition to be published on the site and in our newsletter. With our short list published here, we asked you to vote on your favourite to win the overall competition and it was a tight run race. Congratulations are also due to our runner-up Kate Ansell who received a £25 Amazon token for her story 'Emily Meets A Man Who Looks Like Hitler'.

One year in to Byte Shorts, we are ready to take the competition in new directions. We are opening up the competition to all writers, members and non-members, with bigger prizes up for grabs. Watch this space for more news as our plans are confirmed.

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