Byte Experts: Top Tips for Storytelling

Posted by Stella Calvert-Smith on 9 May 2021, in Byte Experts, News

With Byte Confluence 2021 fast approaching, we asked some of the fantastic speakers at this year's event to share their top tips for storytelling in these short videos.


David Baddiel, Comedian, Writer & author of Jews Don't Count share his top storytelling tips. He will be giving a talk called How I Write at Byte Confluence.


Cathy Rentzenbrick, bestselling memoirist, shares her top tips with us. She will be running a memoir clinic at Byte Confluence.


Richard Butchins, British filmmaker, shares his top tips. Richard's talk True Stories, will be about structuring truth in documentary and duty of care to the stories people tell at Byte Confluence.


Julia Tyrell, the independent Literary Agent for Theatre, Film, and TV, share's her top tips. Julia will be a sharing her expertise on writing for TV at Byte Confluence.


Miri Rodriguez, globally recognized Storyteller, Head of Global Internship Program at Microsoft and author of Brand Storytelling, shares her top tips with us. She will be sharing her expertise with us at Byte Confluence.


John Higgs, novelist and writer of books about various cultural phenomenons including the KLF, Watling Street, and most recently William Blake, shares his top tips with us. He will be giving a talk entitled How to Tell the Story of a Bewildering Visionary at Byte Confluence.


Brian Lynch, Inkubator Books Founder and Editorial Director, shares his top tips for writing genre fiction for Amazon. He will be running a writers room workshop for up to 6 lucky competition winners at Byte Confluence. The winners of the competition will also get a free ticket to Byte Confluence as well as a place in the workshop. Click here for info on how to enter!


Dr Rachel Lawes, social psychologist and author of Using Semiotics in Marketing, shares her top tips for telling stories to business people. She will be running a seminar on how to engage business people with stories at Byte Confluence.


Emma Jane Unsworth, British writer and author of short stories and novels including her latest After the Storm, shares her top storytelling tips with us. She will be joining us at Byte Confluence.


Byte Confluence is an event is about the business of storytelling, and for people in, or interested in, the business of storytelling to connect, learn, share, and collaborate. 


Click here to find out all the amazing speakers and events at Byte Confluence and to purchase your tickets!



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