Byte Experts: Added Facebook Value – Eight Things to Consider Before You Start Advertising on Facebook

Posted by Justine Solomons on 4 December 2019, in Byte Experts, News

In this month's Byte Experts, we hear from Kelly Weekes as she shares her advice on what to think about when advertising on Facebook. She'll also be running a free webinar with us on 29th January 2020 on this topic and you can sign up for it here.

Eight things to consider before you start advertising on Facebook

Facebook is by far the largest of the social media channels with 2.41 billion monthly active users. 74% of Facebook users log in every day with 51% of users logging in multiple times a day. Users spend an average of 38 minutes per day on the platform.*

All this adds up to show what an important and powerful marketing channel Facebook is.

However, did you know that for organic posts the average reach is 5.5% meaning that if you post on your Facebook page you are likely to only reach 5.5% of the people who like your page.

To really reach people effectively through Facebook you need to consider Facebook advertising.

Facebook advertising offers huge opportunities in terms of reaching your audience with very targeted messages and driving them to particular actions. Plus don’t forget that Facebook advertising also enables you to reach your audience on instagram too as Facebook own Instagram.

Facebook advertising can also be very complex so before you leap straight into running ads consider these factors.

What are your objectives?

Facebook has a number of objectives you can use in your advertising to enable Facebook to identify exactly the best people to reach because it knows they are the people most likely to perform the action you want. Be clear on your objectives. Do you want to drive traffic to your website or a retailer? Do you want to build your follower numbers? Do you want to generate leads that you can pull into an email nurture sequence? Do you have a video that you want to drive views of? Do you want to drive people to purchase from your site?

Do you know who your audience is?

Facebook’s audience targeting is a very appealing aspect of Facebook advertising as you can be laser targeted in who you are trying to reach. In order to build audiences to reach, it is essential that you thoroughly understand who your target customer is. Consider creating user profiles to bring to life your target customer. This is an excellent exercise anyway for all of your social media and marketing activity, as knowing exactly who you want to reach can only make it easier to target and communicate with them.

What budget do you have?

Facebook advertising can be much more cost effective than some other marketing activity but it is not necessarily a cheaper option.  it is a competitive environment and you still need to spend to ensure your ads are seen, I would recommend budgeting an absolute minimum of £10 a day, and ideally considerably more than that if you want to reach more than one audience or run sales funnels. Busy periods of the year such as q4 will also need bigger budgets.

Do you have scroll stopping ads?

Facebook is a busy platform with a huge amount of content vying for readers’ focus. Your ads need to grab attention and stop people from scrolling past. Think about ways you can make your images really stand out, trial different formats like videos and carousels and use copy that speaks directly to your target user and really drives them to click on your ad.

How active are you on Facebook already?

One of the factors that contributes to the success of your Facebook ads is how active and engaged you are on your Facebook page. First of all you will need a business Facebook page as it is not possible to run advertising without it. It is also important to post engaging content that resonates with your followers regularly and consistently.

How fast and user friendly is your website?

Another major factor which determines the success of your ads is your website. Your site should be quick, especially on mobile, which is how the vast majority of your traffic from Facebook ads will visit your site. It should be very user friendly and easy to navigate. It is also important that the content of your site is congruent with the content of your ads.

Do you have a pixel installed?

The Facebook pixel can take your advertising to a new level. This piece of code on your website allows Facebook to track visitors to your site as long as they are still logged into Facebook. It then enables you to target people based on their behaviour on your site.

Do you have time for testing?

Facebook advertising is all about testing - testing creative, testing audiences, testing campaign objectives. It takes time to hone your activity through learning what does and doesn’t work for your audience. If you have a very big launch, or key campaign moment, it is sensible to start using Facebook ads in plenty of time to really learn which audiences and approach will work best for you.

*Stats from Hootsuite


Kelly Weekes is a social media and Facebook ads specialist working with authors, publishers and book related businesses.

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