Byte Connects – Rosamund Saunders (Designer) and Zoe Cunningham (Author)

Posted by Justine Solomons on 8 January 2021, in Byte Connects

We're heard about some wonderful collaborations via the Byte The Book. Here's founding member Zoe Cunningham talking about her work with Designer Rosamund Saunders, If you're found some great collaborators through Byte The Book and are keen to share your stories in this series please send us an email to

Over to Zoe!

What did you ask Rosamund to do?
Rosamund designed new covers and typeset new layouts for my books. She also helped with getting them distributed to publishers and checking we had the right formats etc.! I had limited experience in self-publishing and she essentially helped me to take my completed manuscripts to the point where you can buy the books!

What did you work on together?
Galvanising the Geeks – how to manage technical teams.

Networking Know-How – how to get ahead by meeting people (like through Byte the Book!!).

What Rosamund was like to work with
Absolutely fantastic! Great communication throughout the process and extremely knowledgeable. Plus she really went the extra mile to make sure that I got a result that I was happy with.


More on Rosamund Saunders – Designer

Rosamund has worked in publishing for over thirty years, initially in the pre-digital world of manuscript cast off, mark-up and wet proofing. Working directly with Doris Lessing, Gerald Durrell, Chris Bonington and French and Saunders, she was responsible for page design and managed the Grafton (William Collins) book design team.

She went on to play a key role in the HarperCollins/Penguin collaboration that brought desktop publishing to the book world.

As art director at Brown Packaging she designed highly illustrated part-works and books. She was awarded freelance contracts to art direct photography for cookery artwork presentations and part-work series. Subsequently she art directed photography and designed page layouts for DK’s Mary Berry’s New Cook, Miriam Stoppard titles and also lifestyle, diet and fitness books.

On contract as acting art director for Quarto Children’s she managed design teams, paper engineers and illustrators. As maternity leave cover at Anova she managed the National Trust, Salamander and Children’s lists.

Rosamund specialises in design concepts, book fair presentations and designing from ms through to repro for illustrated non-fiction books cookery, diet, heritage, crafts, fashion and popular culture.


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