Byte Connects: Rebecca Rennie, Paul Robinson with Justin Nash

Posted by Monica Cardenas on 24 January 2023, in Byte Connects, News

Byte The Book loves bringing people from all areas of the publishing world together so that they can learn from each other and collaborate, and we want to highlight some wonderful collaborations that have come about via Byte The Book. Here is Rebecca Rennie, who co-authored a book with Paul Robinson, on how they met their agent, Justin Nash.

How did you meet Justin?

I submitted Nina Simone’s Travelling Circus - A Drummer’s Tale to Byte the Book Agent’s Table last year. I had been interviewing Paul Robinson, Nina Simone’s drummer, for four years and we co-authored the 80,000 word memoir.

What was it like for you and Paul to work with Justin?

Paul and I both enjoyed the entire experience speaking with Justin (on zoom). He had considered our submission and the first 10,000 words in surprising detail. It was clear just how much he enjoyed the book and how passionately he would champion our project were he to represent the book. We even added a brand new chapter after our initial conversation with him, because the questions he posed covered areas neither of us had considered including at the end of the book.

We sent the new chapter to Justin quick smart and, once again, his feedback was insightful and encouraging. In our next zoom meeting he expressed a couple of concerns, ones which we had considered ourselves, and together we discussed ways of overcoming those issues. It felt already, like true teamwork.

On our third meeting, I felt comfortable enough to ask some very real questions. It was easy to speak openly and honestly. The communication between the three of us simply flowed.

Can you tell us about the result? 

It was during this third meeting that we all decided to go ahead and sign an agreement.

Justin Nash is Managing Director at Kate Nash Literary Agency. 
Rebecca Rennie is an editor, writer, songwriter and musician. 
Paul Robinson is a musician. 

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