Byte Connects: Janey Burton and Monica Cardenas

Posted by Monica Cardenas on 25 June 2022, in Byte Connects, News

Byte the Book loves bringing people from all areas of the publishing world together so that they can learn from each other and collaborate, and we want to highlight some wonderful collaborations that have come about via Byte The Book. Here's writer Monica Cardenas telling us about working with publishing consultant Janey Burton, who met during a Byte Lunch event.

How did you meet Janey?
I've seen Janey at a few Byte The Book events, but reached out to her following her Byte Lunch event earlier this month. She seemed extremely knowledgable about the publishing process and had such a wide variety of experience that I thought she would be able to offer me some custom advice. 

What was it like to work with Janey?

It was so easy! I just filled in a form on her website, and we met on Zoom within a couple of days. In an hour, she had given me detailed feedback on my submission package, but also really listened to my experience so far and offered really specific guidance for what I might do differently and what could work best for me.

Can you tell us about the result? 

Janey sent me a summary of her feedback right after our call. I'm working through her suggestions now and plan to update my submission package accordingly. I'm confident these changes will be for the better and I hope to have great news soon.
Monica Cardenas is a writer and communications consultant. 

Janey Burton is a publishing consultant, editor and contracts negotiator. 

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