A Sense of an Ending – Julian Barnes

Posted by Justine Solomons on 22 November 2011, in Recommendations

A Sense of An Ending - Julian Barnes

Julian Barnes has finally won the Booker with this book, so I had some expectation that this might be a great read. It wasn't, it's OK, it's an easy interesting read, but it's not great.

Tony Webster reflects on his life, and specifically considers his old school friend Adrian Finn, a genius, who went off to Cambridge and then ended up in a relationship with Veronica a not particularly nice ex-girlfriend's of Tony's. Adrian suffers a horrible fate and Tony is reminded of him again when out of the blue Veronica's mother leaves Tony some money in her will. The main mystery of the book is Tony trying to find out why his ex-girlfriend's mother, a woman he met only once should leave him money.

Yes the prose is good, but the philosophical lapses feel quite heavy handed, almost school boyish and don't sit well in the context of a novel, however the real problem for me was the ending.  All the loose ties are knotted into a pretty little bow and to be honest I didn't quite believe it, though sign posted through the book, it didn't feel true to life and left me feeling wholly unsatisfied.

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