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Vayu Naidu


Trained in performing epic literature as standup Storytelling, Vayu writes, lives in and loves London.

When she was appointed the first 'Sage in Residence' at Eton College, she completed her first novel Sita’s Ascent (Penguin India: 2013). It is a reimagining about women in exile and nominated for the Commonwealth Book Award. Her storytelling – written and oral – spans diaspora urban, epic, folk and tribal stories inspired from multiple literary and street sources. Cultural binaries immersing character in challenging landscapes, while speaking across borders is a strong feature of her writing.

Her second novel The Sari of Surya Vilas (Speaking Tiger-India, Affirmpress- Australia: 2017) is historical fiction set in the Madras Presidency from 1857-1916 and Norfolk, England. The silenced stories woven in a wedding sari is symbolic of freedom through story and language as identity.  The novel was featured in Australia's ABC Broadcast as Book of the week. She is a Literature Festival enthusiast and has chaired many panels promoting emerging writers at Jaipur Lit. Fest, Byron Writers Festival, British Library.  She has written for Theatre, BBC Radio Drama, and tours internationally as a Writer and Performance Storyteller.  Her work is archived in the SADAA website.

Her PhD (Leeds) and AHRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Kent) enabled academic research and Apprenticeships in Intercultural Storytelling validating oral traditions. She received the Humanities Teaching Award University of Kent, and donated it to Tsunami survivors working with the Fishing community Tamil Nadu. Her work in category A Prisons, with women emerging from domestic violence, and young people has strengthened her belief in the transformative capacity of the Word and the Arts. Vayu Naidu Intercultural Storytelling Theatre, an Arts Council England RFO enabled new writing and International touring and participatory work with Refugees at Margate.

She is now  Royal Literary Fund Fellow at UWL, and a Research Associate at CCLPS SOAS, and a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.

She is Director of  The Write Place : destination Writing and Storytelling Residencies: 2019-2020

  •  September 10-18 by the Himalayas with heritage bird walks, Nainital.
  • December 28 -  2020 January 02, by the shore temples of Chennai.
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Her forthcoming third novel set in the seventeenth century is about trading English Theatre for new markets and unique commissions. Vayu is  seeking European translators and a British Agent - 007 need not apply.

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