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Maria Ingold


Maria is working on a novel trilogy, described by her writing class as a “modern gothic fairy tale”.

Iris’s dreams take her through a supernatural history she never could have known—across time in North London—where she discovers just how important the thirteens are and begins to transform forever.

The things we once love and find beautiful we destroy and bury underneath. Whether that’s memories of love, the River Fleet, or the new gods we build on the foundations of the old. When we suffer loss, we can choose to bury—or to grow. But what do we grow into?

The series is aimed at young adults and adults who enjoy the fantasy of Neil Gaiman and the supernatural of Stephen King.

The story started with her curiosity of sensory loss, after becoming hearing impaired at a young age. She combined that with her studies of how the mind works, ranging from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to her TEDx talk: Innovating the Impossible.

Maria works in media technology, where she mixes a background in computer science and art, building video streaming services. She is also a global public speaker (over 200 times) and an occasional actor.

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