Directory: Jennifer Bryan – Creator of The ABChange Model

Jennifer Bryan – Creator of The ABChange Model


“I was working with Jennifer on a project where we faced lots of challenges, from the customer underestimation of communication to misunderstanding what the change management is about. Fortunately, we got Jen. She was our diamond. Her clear vision and enormous amount of experiences helped us guide the client through, build their muscles and empower them to build their own practice. She is the ideal description of an inspirational leader who is doing something extra, something extraordinary for others to help them grow. Her frameworks, outstanding knowledge, enthusiasm, change management experience and openness became the essential motivation for the rest of us”  Michal Kolomaznik, EMEA Project Manager and Business Value Specialist at Microsoft Inc.

Jennifer has written several articles and been published in multiple professional journals, including peer reviews on leadership in the future and managing and leading change.  Jennifer has created a unique leadership change model, ABChange Model©, and thoroughly enjoys helping people and organisations.

With over 20 years experience, she has a pragmatic approach to the behavioural elements of change and works from the insight and knowledge that human beings are multi-faceted by nature, so takes a holistic approach to change.

Now Jennifer is in the process of writing a book on the ABChange Model© utilising a data base of 24 different case studies and aims to speak at conferences in order to share her experiences and learnings with anyone who wants to listen.

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