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Hannah Sheppard


Hannah Sheppard is a literary agent at the D H H Literary Agency and a freelance editor.

She studied English Literature at the University of Liverpool where she set up a small poetry press in her spare time. She has since spent over fifteen years working in trade publishing: first at Macmillan Children’s Books and later running Headline Publishing Group’s YA and crossover list where she published Tanya Byrne’s critically acclaimed Heart-Shaped Bruise.

She joined the D H H Literary Agency in 2013 because she realised that being an agent gave her more time to do what she loves most – using her editorial experience to help writers develop their ideas for commercial success.

Hannah represents authors across children’s fiction (from 8+ including teen and YA) and a small number of adult fiction authors (her main interests are thrillers and romance).

She likes stories that push the boundaries, have a strong voice and, often, a dark edge – although she’d love to find a great contemporary romance too.​

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