Directory: Emma Meheux – Writer, Copywriter and Digital Specialist

Emma Meheux – Writer, Copywriter and Digital Specialist


I love writing and I am currently involved in various writing projects :–

  • I am two thirds of the way through completing an initial draft of a business book.
  • I write poetry.
  • I have written approximately 15 texts for children’s picture books and created a number of children's characters that I think have great marketing potential. Many of the texts are rhyming texts. On this side of things, I work in conjunction with 3 others - including an extremely talented illustrator. I continue to write new texts on a regular basis.
  • I am a digital specialist and as part of my work, I also write marketing copy, website copy and provide a range of specialist digital writing services.

I am an extremely experienced digital marketing / SEO specialist and sales professional. I have worked in the digital sector for over 20 years and held a number of very senior level SEO / marketing roles for big brands.

I now run a very small agency, through which I provide consultancy and content writing services to SMEs. The objective being to help them develop online and grow the digital side of their businesses.

You can see more about about me and the digital services I provide at my company website at the web link below.

I have reached a point in my life where I really want to do more with my writing and start to get some books published. This is why I have joined Byte The Book.

If the services my company provides are of potential value to any members, then I am happy to discuss this area with people too:-)

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