Directory: Christopher Norris – Media, Publishing and Social Entrepreneur

Christopher Norris – Media, Publishing and Social Entrepreneur

Chris has fingers in many pies across the arts and media, spanning a 25+-year in-house and freelance career in book publishing, television, digital media, music and film. Starting out as an editor at Letts Educational, he was Consultant Producer for the ITV book series, You're Booked!; a pioneer of World Book Day in the UK; and Research Director at StoryCode, the online recommendation engine for fiction that featured on BBC TV's Dragons' Den.

Chris currently has a portfolio career of interlocking ventures that link book publishing, digital media and film. He is Founder of the editorial and marketing agency CopyGhosting Editorial Services; Editor and Development Executive for the Insight Film Festival; Founder and Curator of the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign, which will be the subject of a major publicity campaign for Christmas 2016; and Head of Crowdfunding at CrowdPatch, where he is Patch Leader of six active patches, Management Consultant to the RSA London patch, and Project Owner of The Icelanders Cometh, a World Book Night campaign endorsed by Melvyn Bragg that runs until31 July 2016 for UK libraries to buy books by Icelandic authors (translated into English) for their collections.

Chris is Chairman of the arts and media charity, Seeds, which runs a long-term mentoring scheme annually called 'Artist in Your Own Residence' for creative artists and media producers. He is also a Fellow of the RSA and, thanks to an introduction from Byte the Book, a member of the Club at the Café Royal, where his great-grandfather was a commis chef in the 1890s.

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