Directory: Chris Chalmers – Novelist and Copywriter

Chris Chalmers – Novelist and Copywriter


After many years creating advertising campaigns for everything from The Economist to ballet shoes, Chris Chalmers took the plunge into writing contemporary fiction.

His latest novel, Dinner at the Happy Skeleton, is the story of a redundant adman internet-dating his way out of a midlife crisis. It follows, Five To One, about the day a helicopter crashes on Clapham Common, which won a debut novel competition and was nominated for the Polari First Book Award. And Light From Other Windows, which explores the effects on a family when the youngest son is caught in a tsunami on a gap year trip round the world. It was described by literary critic Suzi Feay as a book that “can bring tears to your eyes on one page and make you laugh the next”. He has also written Gillian Vermillion — Dream Detective for children - which, like all his novels, is available as in paperback and e-book through J.Mendel Books on Amazon.

Chris lives in South-West London with a quite famous concert pianist. He has been the understudy on Mastermind, travelled to 40 different countries, and shared pizza with Donnie Brasco. Publication aside, his proudest writing achievement is making Martina Navratilova ROFLAO on Twitter.

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