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Posted by Justine Solomons on March 12, 2015, in News

Great news for publishers: PLS Clear, our sponsor for March's event, has developed a clever widget to install onto your website. It streamlines the process of providing answers to those seeking permission to reuse content from one of your titles following on from our last article on advice to authors, here's how their tool can help authors.

Do you find managing permissions frustrating or inefficient? Do you receive frequent, low-value requests for content reuse, which are time consuming to manage, with a lot of back and forth to get all the information needed to grant the request?

If so, there is a simple way to free up staff time to focus on more profitable areas; maintain reputation through good customer service; and provide transparency around licensing copyright material.

How can you do this?

  • Simply install the PLSclear search widget, for free, onto your website.
  • Direct those seeking permission to use this
  • The widget is a simple search box that allows users to enter the title they are seeking permission to reuse content from
  • They then are directed to an interactive form, developed by permissions experts, where they are guided to enter all the details you need
  • You receive a complete form via email with all the information to make a quick decision, first time around
  • You don’t waste time reviewing requests that should have gone to someone else

Get started

  • It’s free to try - visit
  • Simple cost tiering for long-term projects.
  • Contact us and ask us about our free search widget - just email PLS on or call us on 020 7079 5930

Did you know?

PLSclear can also help your editorial teams and authors by helping them make permissions requests to reuse content, quickly and easily. Visit PLSclear at to find out more.


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