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Susie Delves Author in Progress


After a successful career in Marketing and PR, Susie was presented with the opportunity to spend time on completing her debut novel that had been 3 years in the making.

The author-in-progress was inspired by a complicated and surprising payout of life insurance to someone she knew, but not well, combined with events that happened in her life upon marrying for the second time. They were so unbelievable she began to wonder if it was all in her mind.

She was subsequently diagnosed with complex PTSD and suffered a complete meltdown.

As part of her recovery, she started writing You Don’t Deserve A Happy Ending to transform from being victim, to owner of her story. And best of all, she got to write the ending.

She lives near Haworth, home of the Bronte sisters, in Yorkshire and is often walking the moors looking for Heathcliff. She has two children F and E who she will always regard as her finest creations

The manuscript is completed and being reviewed professionally so nearly good to go.

Susie is on this site to improve her writing, network and most of all GET HER BOOK PUBLISHED.

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For Publisher not Reader

Having worked within Marketing and PR the use of words, language and engaging content appropriate for each customer group has always fascinated her. And the psychology behind decisions that we all make whether as consumers or in our personal lives.

Her other writing experience includes co-founding a college magazine and ever the romantic she has written poetry throughout her life.