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We want to be part of a world where reading is relevant to our society's culture and entertainment. In today’s attention economy full of video streaming options, videogames and flashy mobile apps, understanding the audience and player behavior has become critical. Every week we get news of how Netflix and videogames engage their users by understanding what they want and look for. 

As seasoned veterans in the publishing, education and data science communities, we have seen the evolution of data from a silo in the sales departments of the big-size content publishers, to becoming the most repeated concept in the latest book and education fairs around the world. We believe data pose an immense value to content owners, sellers and educational institutions, but only when attached to the experience brought by professionals of the trade.

Quantified Reading offer products and services to obtain and analyse the reading behaviour of customers or users. We then generate detailed information and insights that enable publishers, educational institutions, media agencies and others to obtain a deeper understanding of how their stories, essays and other types of content affect their business.

This is a whole new world, and you need to understand what it is for you before you fully engage in Reading Behaviour Analytics. That is why we offer you different options to start:

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