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PLS (Publishers’ Licensing Services)

Our Vision

To provide efficient and effective copyright and licensing solutions to support publishers in providing access to their content.

Our Aims

We aim to achieve our Vision:

Through collective licensing by:

  • Facilitating access to the widest possible repertoire through the most appropriate licensing channels;
  • Representing publishers’ interests in licensing the use of their works on a collective basis, both in the UK and overseas;
  • Ensuring publishers are remunerated for the use of their publications;
  • Maintaining publishers’ rights data to the highest standards;
  • Distributing revenue generated from collective licensing regularly, diligently and accurately.

Through wider services by:

  • Continuing to embrace new technologies and to develop new services in response to publishers’ needs, whether economic or political, using our technical rights management framework;
  • Promoting a strong copyright framework and a better understanding and awareness of copyright and rights amongst publishers.

Our Values

At PLS, we uphold the following principles:

  •            Transparency
  •            Responsiveness
  •            Accountability
  •            Collaboration
  •            Efficiency

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