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Newsreader turned Author...

As a Journalist, Nicole spent 20 years in Australian television working as a Reporter, Producer and Presenter. A key player at 24 hour news channel Sky News for a decade, Nicole and her hotelier husband moved to Hong Kong in 2010. In 2014, they moved to Xi’an, North West China, where Nicole continued her work as the creative go-to-girl for anything media-related in the Asia-Pacific region.

With communications her specialty, Nicole's work has included hosting premier events in Australia, Hong Kong, China and the Philippines, presenting corporate videos as well as media training and consulting. Nicole's wide-ranging articles from lifestyle to political pieces are regularly published in magazines, newspapers and online publications around the globe, including Huffington Post, the Sydney Morning Herald and Sunday Life.

Having recently returned to Sydney, Nicole continues to freelance in all things media related. Nicole has completed her first book,  ‘China Blonde’ to be published in August, 2020, about one family's journey to the Middle Kingdom where they discover the power of love friendship and finding your place in the world.
CHINA BLONDE isn’t just another expat story about landing on foreign shores, it’s about China, a country that's currently making news headlines around the globe on a daily basis.
Nicole’s memoir is extremely timely as we watch many countries questioning their future relationship with this superpower. Yet, still, most people only know China as a burgeoning economic power with a Communist party led government.
Isn’t it time we found out more about this nation set to become one of the world’s most formidable countries? Don’t we want to know more about these people who are currently the world’s major inbound tourists (and only 10 per cent hold a passport)?
China Blonde offers a very rare, personal and educated insight into the Middle Kingdom, a nation of kind and generous people who until recently have only lived to survive in a country of 1.4 billion.
The book includes Nicole's personal journey told with the warmth and humour that has seen her blog Mint Mocha Musings: The Hotelier’s Wife, an Expat Affair Around the Globe, become critically acclaimed.

Nicole is also working on her 2nd novel, contemporary women's fiction set in the intoxicating city of Hong Kong.

As well as continuing her freelance writing, Nicole is available to MC, facilitate or speak at events about living overseas, stepping out of your comfort zone, living a life less ordinary and reinventing yourself.

She has a basic command of Mandarin and continues to study Chinese weekly, in the hope of one day becoming fluent.

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