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Author, Ghostwriter, Writing Coach & Content Creator


Words are my business and passion.

For 20 years I’ve written professionally, ghostwriting for senior government ministers (in the UK and Australia), senior officials, third sector and corporate leaders and, in recent years, social media influencers. I have worked in senior positions with high profile, international organisations such as the World Bank, the Gates Foundation and WHO, using my writing and communications skills.

I am a writing coach, mentor and trainer. I coach business professionals wanting to write their best business book and individuals to produce their novels. As well as offering group and 1 to 1 coaching, I have written books, online courses and workshops to assist aspiring authors write their fiction, nonfiction and business books. I have developed writing methods for busy authors who have limited time to produce their book.

My offering also includes content creation – I have written for every sector – public, corporate and third sectors. My experience is extensive and I have a particular strength translating complex and technical information for a broader audience. I assist business people and others to produce their own content including blogs, articles and papers.

I would love to work with you whatever your writing goals or projects. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to book a 30minute, obligation free ‘Virtual Coffee’ to discuss how I might best help you. Check out my services, rates and testimonials on here or contact me direct on for more information.

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