Directory: Nicole Johnston – Author, Ghostwriter, Writing Coach & Content Creator

Nicole Johnston – Author, Ghostwriter, Writing Coach & Content Creator


I help busy people write their books - either through ghostwriting or writing coaching.

I have a misspent youth in politics and government and had the chance to work with some amazing people including Gordon Brown and Kim Beazley.  My PhD was brought to an abrupt halt because I re-discovered my passion for writing fiction and my brain simply refused to engage any longer with administrative law.

That was in 2005 and many and several manuscripts ago. Two of them ‘The Cabinet Maker’ and ‘Winter City’ are available on Amazon. My first crime fiction novel will be out later this year. My first non-fiction book 'How a Hashtag Changed the World', co-authored with Anna McAfee, will be launched on 10th September 2020.

For 20 years I’ve written professionally, ghostwriting for senior government ministers (in the UK and Australia), senior officials, third sector and corporate leaders and, in recent years, social media influencers. I have worked in senior positions with high profile, international organisations such as the World Bank, the Gates Foundation and WHO, using my writing and communications skills.

Unable to keep my love of writing to myself I have two free online writing tribes on Facebook where I share the information, knowledge and skills I’ve been lucky enough to pick up over the years. You’re very welcome to join me there for some encouragement to get your own books finished.

Feel free to contact me for a virtual coffee if you'd like to chat about your options.  You can book here  or find out more about what I do at  My direct email is


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