Directory: Mel Sutton – Meditation and Yoga Teacher

Mel Sutton – Meditation and Yoga Teacher


It’s been a life-long journey through natural health and healing to become a meditation and yoga teacher.
I’ve been writing since my teens.  I have entered short story competitions and recently have had couple of stories published in anthologies.
I am a founder member of the award winning Urban Tree Festival for which I curated Slow Mornings which included a daily meditation throughout the 9 days of the festival and curated two workshops on nature writing for health and journaling.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience many different cultures, adventures and occupations throughout my life.

I’ve worked in health for more than 20 years – and before that in restaurants, food and nutrition. In the 90s, I packed up my life and went travelling across The States, gaining skills in restaurants and cafes – before bringing my expertise back to the UK and becoming Maître d’ for The Ivy and then onto  L' Caprice restaurant.

It was an amazing time to work in the industry, I met many inspiring people from the worlds of theatre, publishing and the arts and it sparked a love of food and a curiosity towards culture that has never left me.

Later, having studied homeopathy I worked in Calcutta and fell in love with yoga and meditation.
I qualified as a Yoga teacher and have been teaching for 10 years and more recently qualified as a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor with Chopra Global in California.
The Meditation for Writers course grew from a passion to inspire and help writers access their unique voice and connect to their creativity.
When we meditate we connect to our creativity and to our uniqueness through stillness
You can read more about her upcoming courses at:
One of her courses is a Meditation for Writers weekly group starting 28th October @10 - 10.50am
This is an opportunity to meet like minded writers and creatives to try meditation and get inspired in your writing
Each week we try a different meditation technique and flow into writing
It’s always relaxed and fun. It’s great to share and feel part of a community especially now in these Covid times.
Drop in is £12.50 or you can access a year for £125
For my latest blog on the meditation for writers
Feel free to contact me via the details below or on (44) 07962 549 392
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