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Lume Books is an independent publisher of award-winning crime writing, historical fiction, biographies and histories. Lume publishes many acclaimed authors including A. J. P. Taylor, D. E. Stevenson, Nick Thorpe, Wendy Perriam, Alan Palmer and Robert E. Howard.

Lume publishes new and unique writing from across the globe in print, eBook and audiobook, but it also specialises in bringing the best of out-of-print books to new audiences. Hundreds of works of classic fiction and landmark nonfiction have become bestsellers again with Lume, decades after their original publication. Our books are ‘long-burners’ and continue to generate sales indefinitely, as opposed to just the first few months of their publication.

We are a young, vibrant team of nine publishers who all have a passion for bringing new stories to life. We have two members dedicated to designing new, eye-catching covers, another two that focus purely on marketing and publicity, and one who is solely responsible for making sure our social media advertising and exposure is constantly being updated and enhanced. The rest of us edit, proofread and upload the manuscripts for publication, alongside liaison with authors and estates over any personal preferences you may have.

We never want our authors and estates to be feel like a stranger, and we're happy to answer emails or chat on the phone about any issues or questions.

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