Directory: Lucy Armitage, Producer and Script Editor

Lucy Armitage, Producer and Script Editor


I've developed and produced scripted comedy-drama for  ITV1, BBC3, BBC4, Channel 4 and Sky, and have over 20 years experience as an award-winning radio producer/director, working with writers such as Jonathan Coe, John Hegley, Holly Walsh, Kat Sommers, Nick Hornby, Julie Myerson, Derren Litten, David Quantick, Lenny Henry, Jonny Sweet, John O'Farrell and the late great David Nobbs.

I've recently moved from London to Kent to be close to my elderly parents, and I'm happily immersed in reading - discovering phenomenal writers and helping to nurture scripts.

I devise and run courses for City Lit, the Indie Training Fund, the London Film Academy & City University in Script Editing, Writing for Radio, Developing & Producing Comedy-Drama and Adapting Novels for TV & Film.

I've been learning Spanish for 5 years, so feel about 11 years old when I'm speaking or reading (or Being) Spanish - one of the most liberating feelings I've ever had.

You can contact me at - look forward to meeting you.