Directory: Heather O’Connell – Publishing Consultant

Heather O’Connell – Publishing Consultant

Offering 100% bespoke self publishing; nothing off the peg or template. My team are all experienced trade publishing people, and we put together a unique editorial and publishing team suited to your project.

We help authors produce high quality paper and ebooks. We act as your publishing team, for the entire process. We work with authors who want a book for their friends, clients and customers as well as authorpreneurs who want a career in writing and to publish a whole series of books.

Just as an agent and trade publisher do, we can advise you on your content: from concept, editing, design and illustration. And then when ready to publish and print, provide typesetting, print and distribution, Amazon setup, and PR advice from the very best people in the publishing industry. We also help the author/publisher gain an understanding of the industry and it's terms and standard practices.

I have more than 20 years in the industry with high profile roles including Production Director at Penguin Publishing and Group Production Director at Harper Collins. My colleague Jacq Burns founded London Writers' Club, runs a boutique literary agency, and was previously Commissioning Editor at Random House and Editorial Director at Harper Collins.

Heather can be contacted via email at or on twitter at @uk_bluebird