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If the role of the publisher is to connect the world with stories, Endeavour Media exists to connect the stories of the past with the present. We’re just doing things a little differently.

We’re young, we’re creative and we’re dynamic, which means that we’re not afraid of disruption. We use technology to explore and innovate in the digital space, bringing timeless stories to new audiences. When technology advances, behaviour changes, and we have a responsibility to our authors and our readers to meet that change. A book is a book is a book, regardless of the medium.

Digital-first means that, when it comes to the publishing process, we combine the high-standards of traditional publishing with the power of digital influence: supporting our authors; meticulously editing every manuscript; carefully designing every cover; and marketing and promoting every book to its full potential across digital platforms. Being digital-first is not a stance against the paperback, which is why we have our growing print imprint Endeavour Quill. This marriage of two worlds is what we believe makes for successful publishing.

There is room for innovation in publishing and it’s our mission to fill that space.

We love our authors, we love our readers and we love what we do: independent publishing, the way it should be.

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