Directory: Emma Donnan – Ghostwriter and Director of Busy Bee PR

Emma Donnan – Ghostwriter and Director of Busy Bee PR

Emma is a ghostwriter and director of Busy Bee PR.

As a ghostwriter she has worked on 14 books – from the autobiographies of celebrities in popular culture, to soldiers waging war on the front line - and has written for males and females from teenagers to OAPs.

A former journalist for ten years, Emma worked across local and national newspapers, covering news, arts and culture, and celebrity stories. Transferring many of the skills from this to ghostwriting, she had four books published within her first year in the business, including a Sunday Times number one best-seller, and established herself as one of today’s top ghostwriters.

As well as publishing to the wider market, Emma also writes privately commissioned books, allowing her to write in a diverse range of areas, from travel to business memoirs.

Busy Bee PR is an agency specialising in publicity for books, as well as on-going author profiles. Campaigns range from those for main publishing houses to smaller independents, and include fiction and non-fiction.

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