Directory: Dan Proops – Writer and Twitter Consultant

Dan Proops – Writer and Twitter Consultant

My name’s Dan and I’ve been a member of Byte the Book for some years. I’ve really enjoyed being a member. I’m a writer, but my speciality is the world of Twitter.

I’ve grown a following of over 22,000 followers using strategies I’ve developed. I’ve helped a published writer to go from 79 followers to over 10, 000, using a toolbox of ideas that helped grow her following.

I can work with agents, publishers and anyone in the world of publishing as well as writers: from opening an account (which can be daunting) to growing a sizeable following.

My fee is £35 an hour.

So if you haven’t opened an account I can help with that, and if you have I can increase your following, and train you how to reach a large audience. I can also teach Byte members how to tweet and how to develop their voices on Twitter. My techniques after initial setup will take you from 15 mins – 25 mins per day.

Last year just over 1.5 million people saw my tweets in their Twitter streams.

You can contact me via email, or follow me on twitter.