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Autistic/adhd Tess


My first book is published "Incredible Kratu"

I am currently writing my life story. Which is also pretty incredible. I am neurodiverse. Autistic, adhd and ptsd. I have faced and overcome huge mental health battles.

I am an advocate and ambassador for autism with Anna Kennedy online.

My dog Kratu is the first ambassadog for APDAWG dog welfare group in Parliament.

We support many causes. Dog rescue, dog welfare, mental health, adhd and autism related ones

Being kind and helping others is a huge motivation. Trailblazing the way forward with my assistance dog Kratu showing the world what a woman and her dog can do.

Kratu is world famous. Daily Mirror Peoples pet award winner 2021 Social media superstar. He is loved by many people. He inspires them daily.

We have the deepest human animal bond and connection. He is my teacher of unconditional love and acceptance.

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