Directory: Amy Carothers – Marketing and Campaigns Manager

Amy Carothers – Marketing and Campaigns Manager

Communications and marketing evolved to create an industry that values relationships, partnerships and the ability to reach audiences. Like MarCom, my background is an eclectic mix of communications, education, marketing, publishing and theatre. 

My early years in publishing evolved to working for the Broadway shows and as Theatre East's Director of Communication/Development. After Hurricane Sandy, I left NYC and taught abroad in China, Hungary and Thailand. I learned about myself through my students’ eyes and recognize that although different, at our core, we value the same things.

Returning to the States, I pursued a PR Master’s degree and moved to London to work as a Campaigns Manager for SPCK Publishing. Reaching out to organizations, I’ve planned events for Tom Wright at Central Methodist Hall and am currently developing other opportunities to create awareness for SPCK and our authors.

I’ve traveled to 40% of the world and believe that you don’t really understand a culture or country until you’ve been there. Travel opens minds, hearts and fosters empathy for others. Not only did it open my eyes but enhanced my background. I know how to market to people, create relationships and recognize what customers want.

I feel fortunate to be part of a group that is creative, innovative and provides opportunities to meet and learn from industry professionals. I can be reached or Twitter: @NYCtravels.